Who are we? What do we do?


DSR-TKA seeks to provide educational opportunties and recognition of excellence in collegiate speech and debate. If you are looking for information about crime scene investigation forensics (CSI), we suggest doing a Google search for "forensic science".


In addition to publishing Speaker and Gavel, our bi-annual journal regarding communication studies, and offering support to the entire collegiate forensic community, we provide members with a variety of benefits, including being eligable to particpate in our Online Forensics Festivals and being able to be nominated and receive special DSR-TKA awards.


To become a member, a forensic team simply applies to DSR-TKA for admission and pays a small fee. In the past, DSR-TKA was a national honorary society, meaning students had to have a certain GPA to be elligable to join. Instead of being exclusive, DSR-TKA wants to be inclusive. If your team wishes to be a member of DSR-TKA, that wish can come true very easily!


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