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Speaker and Gavel


Speaker & Gavel is the scholarly journal of Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha, a non-profit collegiate forensic organization dedicated to advancing the educational opportunities in speech and debate. Speaker & Gavel encourages contributions from forensic scholars and practitioners, who comprise all segments of the journal's readership, including graduate school, community college, and college or university groups.


This journal is exclusively online and open access to decrease the cost of spreading important scholarly discussions. DSR-TKA encourages scholars to use and make reference to work published in our journal. Scholars may quote, without permission, in order to document their own work. Speaker & Gavel assumes each scholar shall be responsible in acknowledging and properly documenting such uses. Teachers may reproduce and distribute, free of copyright charges, portions of this journal solely for educational purposes. Any reproduction and distribution must acknowledge in writing Speaker & Gavel as the primary source of the material.


For more information contact the editor, Todd Holm:



We are currently working on posting past issues of the journal.To access the journal archives, click the link below to take you to our old website which houses all our past issues:





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